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Online Continuing Education Courses for Real Estate Agents

Has it been two years already since you last renewed your real estate license? Are you again dreading the thought of having to take 12 more hours of continuing education classes to fulfill the MA state requirement?  Well, the good news is you are not alone; thousands of other Massachusetts real estate agents are in

July Online Real Estate Continuing Ed Course

Interested in completing your continuing education course credits in the month of July before your real estate license expires?  Lucky for you, the Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate offers online courses available to watch on your computer, iPad, ipod or iPhone.  So whether you enjoy soaking up this sunny weather outside, or prefer

Massachusetts Real Estate License Renewal Online, No Quizzes or Tests

As you know, being a Massachusetts real estate agent, salesperson, or broker requires you to complete 12 hours worth of continuing education credits every two years. It is safe to say no one really enjoys sitting in a crowded classroom after either a day of work or on your weekend off.   And especially no one

Renew your Massachusetts Real Estate License Online!

With more than 70,000 real estate agents in Massachusetts, you are not the only agent wondering where and if you can renew your real estate license online.  The answer is: YES. Every two years real estate agents, salespersons and brokers must complete 12 hours worth of continuing education courses in order to keep their license

Keep Me Certified Blog has a new look!

Have you checked out our new look?  We’re always working on our site in an attempt to improve every aspect of our site.  Whether it’s the font size of the text in the course library or even an entire page layout of our blog, we like to keep things fresh. Our online Massachusetts Real Estate

Summer Real Estate License Course- Continuing Education Class Online

The weather is finally warming up so why not complete your continuing ed hours on your iphone or mobile device from the beach or virtually anywhere!  Keep Me Certified is a certified Boston real estate school that offers the full 12-hour video course online. We think quizzes/tests are as annoying and unnecessary as you do

3 Reasons to Complete Real Estate Continuing Education Online

The real estate market is heating up, and this means that thousands of Massachusetts real estate agents are looking to complete their continuing education requirements.  Agents must take 12 hours of continuing ed classes every two years to maintain their active real estate license. The physical classrooms will be crowded, in a hotel conference room

June Massachusetts Real Estate Continuing Education Class ONLINE

Looking to complete your real estate continuing education before your license expires?  There are a few things you should know about taking an online course.  First, not all real estate schools are equal.  Be sure to read reviews about them online and ask your co-workers for recommendations.  Second, prices vary significantly.  Almost every online real estate

Keep Me Certified Reviews on Google Plus

Thank you to everyone who has recently reviewed us on our Google Plus page.  Nothing beats a personal referral and by taking the time to post your reviews, it really does help other real estate agents who are in the process of deciding where to complete their continuing ed.   Some people like to write

Real Estate Continuing Education Classes in Boston

Looking to take a real estate continuing ed course because your license is expiring soon?  So are about 35,000 other Massachusetts real estate agents this year.  That’s a lot of students and there are only a handful of schools that offer these MA board approved courses. Every 2 years real estate agents/salespersons and brokers are required