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KeepMeCertified Reviews by Students

We understand how important reviews are when scouring the internet for new products and services. We admittedly don’t have many reviews written about us on sites like yelp, citysearch, Judy’s book and other sites like that not because we don’t have users or because nobody writes reviews, it’s because everyone sends their feedback directly to

Introducing A Boston Area Real Estate School –

We are a Massachusetts board approved online real estate school. We offer the 12-hour continuing education course for realestate agents and brokers. Our videos can be watched on an ipad, laptop, desktop and even your iphone if you want to get it done while you’re on the road. Our instructor, Michael Albano is an energetic

Keepmecertified is now on Slideshare, check it out!

Have you heard of slideshare?  It’s a website that allows you to create powerpoint presentations and upload them to share with the internet.  Similar to google docs but they only do powerpoint presentations.  Now that we’re all on the same level of understanding it’s time I explain our initiative.  Similar to how we keep you

Cheapest/ most competitive online real estate schools in Massachusetts

It’s been a while since we have researched the prices of online real estate school courses and it’s important that we do a periodic comparison and share the results with you for a couple of reasons.  First, transparency, second, to see how crazy some school owners think they can get away with charging such high

Student Reviews: “Customer Happyness Report” for Keep Me Certified

Another week has flown by and we’ve had dozens of new students register and start taking our course. That means it’s time for our weekly “happyness report”.   The saying “no news is good news” is actually great news.  By “news” I’m referring to issues or problems our students have had with the site.  Aside

YouSpeak: User reviews and our responses from around the web- Vol 6

Since we launched Keep Me Certified back in January of 2012 we have had a total of 3 people send us messages through our facebook business page.  Honestly, before we received our first facebook message we didn’t even realize it was possible to send a message to a business facebook page, did you?  Anyway, just

Online Continuing Education Requirements For Massachusetts Real Estate Professionals

We’ve been asked numerous times by Mass real estate agents “What do I have to do to complete my continuing education requirement?” It’s been asked so many times that we’ve decided to create a page just to answer this question. If you are a licensed real estate agent or broker in Massachusetts then you are required to

Youspeak: User reviews and our responses from around the web- Vol 5

When our online continuing education course inspires feedback, we know we’ve got a good product.  We know that continuing education is a refresher course and most people already know a lot of the content but it’s those times when you realize “o yeah, i didn’t realize that” or “that’s right, I’m glad they’re talking about

Record setter: In June we’ve had the most number of referrals in one month since we launched!

“Nothing beats a personal referral”…  We have a system in place that tracks how many people are referred to our site by currently registered users.  Further we know exactly who refers who AND we thank the referror for helping us spread the word by sending them a referral fee.  This month we set a new record for

YouSpeak: User Reviews and our responses from around the web- Vol 5

We just received this a few minutes ago from a student who felt it was necessary to take time out of her day to let us know that she not only enjoyed the course but is recommending it to her entire office.  Thank you, Julie. “Thank you so much. I have passed your web site