October Real Estate License Classes are full!

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This happens almost every month!  Our 40-hour real estate license classes are filled up again!  Finding a good class isn’t easy to do unless you are referred from a previous student of the class.  The fact that our classes consistently fill up is awesome, it means what we’re doing actually works!

Teaching a 40-hour real estate license class on a plethora of topics that many students find to be simple or common sense is no easy task.  Our instructor, Michael has been an active real estate broker for almost his entire career.  He has a lot of experience “in the trenches” and draws on a lot of personal stories to help students better grasp some of the more difficult topics that we cover in our course.

Stay tuned for an updated course schedule and if you’re looking to get in to a real estate class of ours, give us a call or sign-up directly on our license exam prep course site.


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