October Real Estate License Classes

Fall Real estate classesOctober Real Estate Classes are filling up quickly.  Fall is the perfect time to study and pass the real estate license exam in Massachusetts.  The market slows down for the season and allows newly licensed real estate agents the opportunity to ease in to the industry.  Most of what a real estate agent learns is on the job in the trenches, however there is a fair amount of material, regulations and laws that licensed real estate agents need to pay attention to.

Prior to taking the Massachusetts real estate license exam, candidates are required to complete a 40-hour class.  This class needs to be completed in a physical classroom and is not permitted to be taught online.  Upon completing this 40 hour class, candidates can schedule to take the real estate license exam which is offered daily in Boston.

Keep Me Certified offers the real estate license class at least once a month and each class is split in to four 10-hour sessions, each beginning at 9am.

For more information on this class or to register for an upcoming class, visit us at Keepmecertified.com and click the “Get Licensed” link at the top of our page.

Here are a few reviews written and submitted to us by our students.

“Pleasantly surprised by this experience. Easy to navigate the technology. Jeff isn’t boring or a drone. Topics are timely and though I’ve been a realtor for 11+ years, I learned something in every segment. Kudos to Jeff etc.” – Craig

The format is very helpful insofar as it helps to be able to stop/start at your leisure. The instruction is delivered confidently and is easy to understand. Great price too! Thanks!” -Theodore


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