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New York Real Estate Recent Legal Matters Course- Online Continuing Ed Course

July 1, 2021 is an important date for all New York real estate agents and brokers. On July 1 the New York real estate license renewal requirements changed. In case you missed the article on How to Renew a NY Real Estate License in 2021 , here is a high-level overview of the new continuing

How to Renew a New York Real Estate License in 2021 [New Rules]

To renew your real estate license in the State of New York, you are required to complete a few steps. In this article, you will learn about the new real estate license renewal regulations applicable to all New York real estate licensees, specifically the new continuing ed requirements and everything you need to keep your

2022 Connecticut Real Estate Continuing Education Requirements

Here are Connecticut’s real estate continuing education requirements for 2022. In this article, you will learn about the Connecticut renewal regulations so you can keep your real estate license active in 2022. 2022 Connecticut Continuing Education Requirements The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (CT DCP) requires that all licensees complete 12 hours of continuing education

How to Renew a South Carolina Real Estate License in 2021

How to Renew a South Carolina Real estate License in 2021 Don’t let your South Carolina real estate license expire. In this article, we outline the regulations set by the South Carolina Real Estate Commission, continuing education requirements, and everything you need to know to renew and keep your real estate license active in 2021.

How To Get a Massachusetts Real Estate License

Massachusetts Real Estate License Requirements It takes about 40 hours to complete an approved Massachusetts real estate license exam prep course and on average takes students 2-4 weeks. This article explains exactly what you need to know to get a Massachusetts Real Estate License. First, to see if you qualify to become a Massachusetts real

How to Renew a Missouri Real Estate Agent License in 2020

Updated for COVID Keeping your Missouri real estate agent license active is a simple process. This article explains the requirements and steps necessary to renew a Missouri real estate agent license. Real Estate License Renewal Requirements and Fees   Below are the requirements for Missouri Real Estate Salespersons: 12 Hours of Continuing education must be

2020 Connecticut Real Estate License Renewal Requirements

2020 is the first renewal year that requires TWO mandatory courses. Historically there has been one 3 credit hour mandatory topic per renewal period, but 2020 is the beginning of a new era. The state Department of Consumer Protection determined there was enough content licensees needed to be trained/refreshed on that they created two courses.

How to Renew a Connecticut Real Estate License in 2020

It is a simple process to keep your Connecticut real estate license active. The purpose of this article is to simplify the Connecticut real estate license renewal process for CT real estate agents and brokers in 2020. Connecticut Real Estate License Renewal Requirements Below are the requirements that are the same for both CT real

Complete The 2020 Connecticut Continuing Education Courses Online

The 2020 Connecticut real estate agent license renewal deadline is coming up. If you haven’t completed your continuing ed yet, you need to complete 12 credit hours of continuing ed before March 31 (for brokers) or May 31 (for agents). In Connecticut all continuing ed courses are individually approved for 3 credit hours which means

Massachusetts Real Estate License PSI Candidate Handbook Explained

The Massachusetts real estate license candidate handbook is provided by Keep Me Certified to each of our students upon their successful completion of our 40-hour Massachusetts Real Estate License Exam Prep course. The purpose of the Massachusetts Candidate Handbook is to provide candidates with all the information they need to prepare, schedule, and take the