Keep Me Certified: Massachusetts’ favorite Real Estate School

reviewsIn this post, I will attempt to articulate the differences between all Massachusetts Real Estate Schools.  Schools are similar to real estate brokerages, they all do the same thing, what makes each stand out are the few authentic qualities that make a difference to our students; quality education, engaging content, convenient viewing, and an enjoyable instructor.  Building a successful real estate school is no easier than building most businesses.  Everyone has competitors and they’re all out to win your business.

Keep Me Certified is a Massachusetts Real Estate School that from the start set out simply to be better.  If you’re looking for a better quality education, a better learning experience, a more convenient way to complete your continuing ed, a better instructor, a better price, that’s exactly what we offer at

We have educated nearly 20,000 real estate agents complete our course in the past few years and from all the feedback we’ve gathered, Keep Me Certified has used to continuously improve and update our school.

One way that we’re different is that we offer a library of many different video topics.  Our students have access to all of them and can watch them as many times as they want for up to 6 months from the day they register.

Always on the go?  Watch our courses from your android or iphone while you’re in the car, on the train or waiting to meet a client at a showing.

What really helps set Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate apart are our student reviews.  We love searching our name on google and reading the reviews that students publicly post about us.

For more information on our Massachusetts Real Estate course, visit us at