YouSpeak: User reviews and our responses from around- Vol 3 the web

This review is different from the others that we find around the web.  This one was emailed directly to us.  Even though it’s not portraying us in the best light we got a good laugh from it.  As I was reading this email I was smiling and at the end I literally did one of

YouSpeak: User reviews and our responses from around the web- Vol 2

Here’s another good review from one of our users. Our responses in blue “It’s $65 and worth every penny”  Jen P., Tuesday, May 08, 2012 This review is for: Keep Me Certified Real Estate School All the local schools charge 100-200 for the same course and for 65 I did it from my couch at home. It

YouSpeak: User reviews and our responses from around the web- vol 1

As we tweeted about this a few weeks ago, we’re going to start posting user reviews that we find around the web on our blog. User reviews are important, exciting, scary and even at times a bit angering to read. Unfortunately we’ve found that only users that feel strongly about their thoughts (either good or

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you’ve taken our course then we want to hear from you!

We’re proud to boast that we’ve had thousands of users already complete our online continuing education course since we launched in January (2012). There’s no better feedback than from our students who have gone through the process. We work as hard as we can to make the course enjoyable and painless as possible but

In pursuit of the best online education – What does it take to be the best?

There are thousands of websites on the internet that claim to offer “the best online education” but there are only a few that qualify and have earned that accolade. This article focuses on what it takes to be the best online education provider and more specifically as it pertains to a-synchronous “distance learning”. This article

Keep Me Certified discount codes… where are they?

We eat breathe and dream about Keep Me Certified.  We spend all of our free time thinking about ways to improve our site, videos and overall user experience. Our mission is to build better training for professionals and that drives everything we do. We do not offer discount codes, but we DO have KMC Corporate

What does/should online continuing education cost for Massachusetts RE agents?

No need to go price shopping for your continuing education because we’ve already done the research and our results are listed below. We understand that price plays an important role in determining which online real estate school you’re going to use to complete your 12 CE credits. It is our job to make your entire

“…the best online real estate school at the cheapest price with superb customer service”- A Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate student

We’re in the business of education, not bragging, but with a quote like that for a title what’s the point of writing anything more? We, Dealroom Partners, the group that owns Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate, have confirmed by feedback from our users that we are on to something big.  Customer service, user experience

Who is Dealroom Partners and what are we doing?

We are “Dealroom Partners” and we are on a mission to build better training for professionals.  We believe in challenging the status quo by thinking and doing things differently.  We do this by making everything we bring to market beautifully designed and simple to use so we can offer our customers the best possible user