Keep Me Certified Sets 3 New Records in 4 Months

We are elated to share that three out of the previous four months have individually been record setting months for our real estate school, Keep Me Certified. This record is tracked by counting the number of students who register for our online continuing ed course during each calendar month. Setting new records like this tells us

April Real Estate Continuing Ed Online in Massachusetts

Are you a Massachusetts real estate agent?  Is your license expiring this month?  If your real estate license is about to expire in April, take our online video CE course to complete your continuing ed requirement. Keep Me Certified is a board certified Massachusetts real estate school.  Even though it is clearly stated on our homepage

The “Real Talk Promise”: The Best and Only Way We Do Business

I just got off the phone with the customer support department of a relatively new company to Boston and aside from their support department I think very highly of  what they’re doing in Boston.  However, that phone call did inspire me to write this article.  Unlike my recent phone conversation, I’m going to keep this

The Fastest Growing Massachusetts Real Estate School

Building a successful real estate school in Massachusetts is no easy task, but then again if it was easy everyone would do it (at least that’s how the saying goes).  Keep Me Certified is one of the fastest growing real estate schools in Massachusetts.  Created just over 3 years ago, Keep Me Certified has experienced

10 Reasons Real Estate Is The Career For You

Real estate is a great career choice that offers many unique advantages over other careers. Although the housing market is still recovering and the market isn’t yet booming, now can actually be a great time to start your career. The housing market has significantly recovered, which means it will be even better by the time

2014 Year in Review – Quite a Year!

We are grateful to announce that 2014 was quite the year for Keep Me Certified!  We educated more people in 2014 than any other year.  It started strong and ended December by setting a new record for most number of students to register for our course in one month (December).  During the year we achieved

How to Renew a Massachusetts Real Estate License in 2015

Renewing a Massachusetts Real Estate License is done every 2 years by completing 12 credit hours of approved continuing ed courses during the renewal period (2 years). A real estate license will become inactive if these credits are not completed during that time period. When a real estate license is inactive, agents and brokers are

January Real Estate License Renewal Course

January real estate license renewals are up this month.  There are over 3,000 licensed real estate agents in Massachusetts whose real estate license will expire if they do not renew with the board of professional license. Agents are looking for the best and most convenient way to complete the required 12 hours of continuing ed.  Keep

Happy Holidays From the KMC Team

It’s amazing how  time flies. It felt like just a few weeks ago we were writing our holiday post for 2013.  The past 12 months were our best 12 months ever.  We educated more students than we have during any other year and we also set new records. We set new records for most number

Pageoneeducation vs Keep Me Certified and the rest…

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes time to complete your continuing ed credits. Page ne Education is a Massachusetts Real Estate School and a competitor of Keep Me Certified.  We would like to take a moment to share what one of our students sent us. “…I did already renew