The Fastest Growing Massachusetts Real Estate School

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Building a successful real estate school in Massachusetts is no easy task, but then again if it was easy everyone would do it (at least that’s how the saying goes).  Keep Me Certified is one of the fastest growing real estate schools in Massachusetts.  Created just over 3 years ago, Keep Me Certified has experienced consistent growth in popularity in the real estate industry.  Approximately 1 in 7 active Massachusetts real estate agents have taken our course and most agents have heard about us from a colleague/coworker or are at least familiar with our name.

The biggest compliment any educator can receive is a returning student, one that comes back to complete the course again or enroll in another course at a later date.  Without saying anything, our returning students offer some of the best feedback.  The action of returning tells us that what we are doing was previously enjoyable and they are willing to come back for more or to experience the same again.

Keep Me Certified isn’t in business to make a quick sale, we are in the business to win our customers for the duration of their career.  Further, we want to be the best we possibly can because nothing beats a personal referral.  Keep Me Certified has a significant portion of its students coming through word-of-mouth referrals.  When a student is willing to put their credibility on the line for your business, that means the world to us.

In December 2014 Keep Me Certified set a record for most number of students to register in one month for the course.  Prior to December the previous record was set over the summer.  In January 2015 that record was again broken.

From the feedback that we receive from our students, one of the main differences between our course topics and our competitors courses is that our individual course topics are delivered in a more conversational and enjoyable format.  It is very difficult and timely to film these segments but the finished product actually inspires students to write in asking if we offer courses in other industries or states.

Keep Me Certified is actively working on expanding in to other states and adding new content to its courses.  Stay tuned for more updates in future posts.

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