Who is Dealroom Partners and what are we doing?

We are “Dealroom Partners” and we are on a mission to build better training for professionals.  We believe in challenging the status quo by thinking and doing things differently.  We do this by making everything we bring to market beautifully designed and simple to use so we can offer our customers the best possible user experience.

Dealroom Partners is a group of 2 guys who are focused on improving the online learning experience for professionals starting in the real estate industry.

I am a 27 year old real estate agent who graduated with a bachelors from Bentley University in 2009 and in 2010 with a Masters in Accounting.  While attending Bentley I had my real estate license and worked as a real estate agent for a non-traditional game changing brokerage.  I enjoy challenging the status quo and am passionate about pursuing operational efficiency and learning a little bit about everything I possibly can. I also enjoy competing in everything from tough mudder races to new business endeavors.

During my final year at Bentley, I had to complete continuing education to keep my real estate license active.  Naturally, I did what most do and went online to research what was available and convenient for me. I settled on one school that seemed to have their website together so I registered and started watching the videos.  I was satisfied with the first few minutes of the course and then the instructor quickly lost enthusiasm and barely engaged me.  When the instructor loses their own interest it’s impossible for the student to stay interested so I just let the videos play and listened to the audio while I worked on a tax research project which was oddly enough more exciting than the videos.

What really aggravated me was the introduction video on their homepage was done by a good looking, enthusiastic, happy person that anyone would enjoy listening to for 12 hours. Once I paid and received access to the actual videos the instructor was some old guy in an ugly sweater. I shared this story with a few real estate colleagues of mine who I then found out had similar “bait and switch” experiences.  It really pissed me off that they were getting away with it, but, since I only had to do it once every 2 years I got over it and went on with my life.  Not long after I moved on a buddy of mine, Adam, told me about his experience and at that moment I decided I could do it better.

A couple of weeks ago we launched our first product, Keep Me Certified School of Real Estate.  We are accredited by the State Board of Professional Licensure and are currently offering our course to Massachusetts real estate agents and brokers.

If you like what we’re doing (or know how we can do it better), send us a note to support@keepmecertified.com. We would love to hear from you.